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Bridgette Wiefling, M.D., Executive VP, Rochester, NY

I met Meryl Price when she supported the Fingerlakes Performing Provider System (FLPPS) and Rochester General Hospital in Rochester New York. HPM played a key role in supporting our DSRIP application and subsequent grant applications for the Hospital.

Meryl brings many valuable characteristics as a team member on projects that support vulnerable populations. First, she is highly knowledgable about Medicaid, policy, program design. Second, HPM hits the ground running without support, whether the HPM team is working with clinicians, leadership or management. HPM brought a rare level of enthusiasm to all of the projects they worked on with me. The firm has a level of experience that allows Meryl and her team to provide senior level support from the outset of a wide variety of projects. Finally, I know I can count on Meryl and HPM to deliver. The firm is highly reliable and always goes the extra mile.

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Marianne Udow-Phillips, Director, Ann Arbor, MI

Health Policy Matters has worked with us on major projects for the State of Michigan to review and recommend changes to the Medicaid Long Term Care services and supports programs. Meryl Price, President of HPM, has offered a depth and breadth of knowledge that has been invaluable in this engagement. HPM has provided significant insights about relevant work around the country; facilitated key stakeholder information sessions; and provided strategic insights to help guide the project plan and deliverables for this major project for the State. Meryl understands the complex financial and regulatory designs of Medicaid programs. As a result, HPM’s knowledge and work product have informed State leaders and our own working team to help significantly advance this work. Meryl has high standards of excellence and her work products have made an enormous contribution to the overall project work.

Kip Piper, CEO, Washington D.C.

Meryl Price and the Health Policy Matters (HPM) team are exceptional. They are top experts in health care’s most challenging areas – notably, Medicaid and Medicare care delivery, long-term services and supports, behavioral health care, and value-based payment. Health Policy Matters offers rare consultants. They combine phenomenal technical expertise and real-world, senior-level experience with extraordinary energy and commitment to clients and the populations those clients serve. With Health Policy Matters, there is no bait-and-switch with junior, inexperienced staff or general “rinse and repeat” advice given to others. Clients get a savvy, senior team willing and able to provide discreet, on-point advice and tailored, actionable support to clients.

Pat Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Hartford CT

Connecticut policymakers requested the Connecticut Health Foundation engage an expert to assist them with a critical decision regarding the Medicaid Program. The foundation turned to Health Policy Matters (HPM) to facilitate and inform what might be most beneficial structure for Connecticut’s Medicaid Program, examining options from Fee for Service to Accountable Care Organizations. Ms. Price, President of HPM, efficiently and effectively developed the data including surveying other states and synthesized the evidence, but more importantly, facilitated a process in which stakeholders were heard, and there was clarity on the objectives of the project. Policymakers applauded the depth of analysis coupled with its accessibility. I share the above example as a concrete example of the quality of Ms. Price’s consultative services. Ms. Price has the rare ability and knowledge to research the technical and translate it for those not immersed in the systems. More importantly, she brings the skills and finesse to drive strong processes of collaboration which drive results and buy-in. 

Christine Macbeth, Chief Executive Officer, Pittsfield MA

When I think about HPM, I think about a vast knowledge base regarding Medicaid programs; Keen organization and focus; extensive network of resources and ability to tap into them quickly and effectively; ability to complete projects on time and even within tight deadlines with ease. HPM goes the extra mile. I highly recommend HPM based upon the quality of work completed for the Brien Center, both as the lead for our Behavioral Health Community Partner bid and on ongoing technical assistance support provided on a wide range of issues.

Mike Nickey, Mass Health Executive Director, Worcester, MA

Health Policy Matters assisted Fallon in developing three successful ACO bids for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS). Specifically, the HPM Team, which included Meryl Price and her team, assisted Fallon in ACO strategy, design, development and contract implementation. In particular, HPM helped Fallon and its’ ACO partners develop, document and finalize governance models, care management models and other key aspects of ACO development. The HPM team was involved in providing Fallon with technical assistance to further develop and implement its’ ACO.  HPM also performed a broad range of work for Behavioral Health and Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) partners which serve MCO ACO enrollees. Based on Fallon’s experience with HPM, I consider the firm to be experts in Medicaid managed care, the Massachusetts’ ACO program including the Community Partner model. The firm is highly capable and exceptionally well suited to support Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Behavioral Health (BH) Partners, Long Term Services and Supports Community Partners (LTSS CPs) and CBOs.


Emily Young, Senior Director, Lowell MA

Health Policy Matters was extremely helpful in developing our ACO strategy including our care model, governance model, VBP strategy and other key elements. Meryl did so much more than prepare the response for our Medicaid population; she was a true asset! Meryl and her experienced, knowledgeable team understands both the overall healthcare landscape for Medicaid and uninsured consumers and, the roles of ACOs, MCOs, behavioral health organizations, long-term services and supports and community-based organizations. The team knew how they all need to work together to meet consumer needs. Using their collective expertise, HPM has the ability to make major contributions to organizations that manage care for the Medicaid population. I would strongly recommend Meryl and Health Policy Matters to organizations looking for assistance with their Medicaid strategy.

community servings

David Waters, Chief Executive Officer, Boston MA

Health Policy Matters assisted Community Servings, a community-based provider of Medically Tailored Meals. Meryl Price enthusiastically played a leadership role in strategy, program development and contract negotiation and execution. HPM is skilled at bringing together MCOs and community-based organizations to deliver integrated social care services.  Meryl negotiated a groundbreaking contract with a Medicare Advantage plan and over $3 million in contracts with Massachusetts ACOs.


Sondra Stauffacher, Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix AZ

Meryl is a brilliant strategist with in-depth knowledge of health care delivery systems. She offers creative solutions and innovative thinking to support clients in achieving their strategic and operational goals. HPM brings a unique combination of passion and expertise to every project and partnership. Meryl and HPM collaborated with Pallas Consulting on business development strategy and RFP design with a focus on integrated care management program design for individuals with multi-morbid chronic conditions, including Serious Mental Illness. HPM and Pallas have collaborated to serve both local and nationally-based Managed Care Organizations on business and proposal development efforts. The firms have successfully helped their clients win business and go on to implement effective, best-practice integrated care management program designs.