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The HPM Team

About the HPM Team

HPM senior-level experts work with a range of client organizations that deliver or manage care for underserved, high-risk populations. We offer a complementary team of experts in integrated care management design, disparities in care delivery, administrative functions that support care delivery, financing of care and value based payment, analytics, and project management. 

Our key skills include: 

  • qualitative and quantitative research, analysis and synthesis of complex information
  • data-driven, evidence-based design, development and implementation of managed care strategy and programs for vulnerable populations
  • proposal design, development and implementation and mock reviews
  • policy and program evaluation and improvement 
  • practical design and development of actionable materials (e.g., proposals, papers, training materials and other communications)
  • regulatory analysis and impact assessments
  • proposal design, development and implementation.
Meryl Price

Meryl F. Price, President, MHSA

Meryl brings 30 years of public and private sector expertise, helping clients transform care delivery systems for Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and dually eligible populations. Her experience includes transformational work with MMCOs, ACOs, MA plans, FQHCs, BH organizations, LTSS organizations, CBOs, government agencies, and foundations. Having begun her career in managed care contracting, Meryl understands how all of the various components of managed care systems interact with one another, adding strength to her ability as a subject matter expert and designer. Meryl is knowledgeable about how to analyze and address disparities in care delivery.

As a senior manager at Massachusetts’ Medicaid, Meryl developed cutting edge programs that illustrate her commitment to influencing care delivery for complex and costly populations nationally. Meryl pioneered a groundbreaking value-based Medicaid managed care program for individuals under age-65 at Massachusetts’ Medicaid. She was also the initial architect on the Massachusetts delivery system for individuals who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare known as Senior Care Options (SCO). Meryl is a subject matter expert in LTSS and in serving individuals with comorbid chronic medical and behavioral health needs. 

Meryl’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Care management model design and development including, but not limited to, populations with Medicaid-only or dually eligible coverage as well as BH and/or LTSS needs
  • Proposal development, design, writing and implementation with a focus on integrated care delivery across the continuum of care for high-risk individuals
  • Disparities in health care delivery
  • Market and population research
  • Regulatory interpretation and analysis
  • Stakeholder management and facilitation of complex, content-rich issues
  • Waiver development, regulatory systems and strategy development
  • Data analysis and quantitative research and synthesis of complex information
  • Value based program and value-based payment design
  • Medicaid Managed care training and development.

Kelvin Drawdry

Kelvin has 28 years of experience in healthcare services delivered with an emphasis on providing technical assistance regarding financial management and business operations. Kelvin supports physician organizations, hospitals, health systems, and behavioral health organizations as well as MCOs and ACOs. He is an experienced and effective leader and coach who helps clients develop synergies between physician and hospital organizations among others. In addition to creating financial models and analytic tools to perform complex analysis, Kelvin creates value-based models that transform reimbursement methods for providers and others.

Kelvin’s critical skills include:

  • Thought leadership in finance, operations, network and reimbursement strategy
  • Financial and data design, analysis and execution
  • Financial modeling
  • VBP model development and implementation
  • Executive coaching on strategic business relationships.

Robyn Rontal, JD, MHSA

Robyn provides leadership to HPM on data analytics, RFP and grant-writing, and project management. At the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation (CHRT), Robyn is the policy analytics director and leads data analytics and consulting projects focused on current healthcare issues and trends, collaborating with local, state, and national organizations. Recent projects have included: an evaluation of Michigan’s COVID-19 nursing home response and recommendations for evidence-based strategies; support for Michigan’s strategy and vision to expand MLTSS; predictive model development and risk stratification for Michigan’s State Innovation Model; Choosing Wisely measures and provider performance analysis; and facilitating the development of a collaborative network of CBOs serving older adults. 

Robyn’s key skills include:

  • Big data management support and analytics
  • RFP writing and management skills
  • Trend analysis, program evaluation, care management analytics, and provider analytics
  • Market research
  • Regulatory and policy analysis.

Kip Piper, MA, FACHE

An authority on Medicaid and Medicare, Kip Piper advises health care organizations on policy, finance, and business including providers, health plans, life sciences companies, Medicaid agencies, consultancies, and investment firms. A skilled strategist and problem solver, Kip has also counseled state governors, members of U.S. Congress, Fortune 100 employers, foundations, and foreign leaders. 

Kip is the president of the Health Results Group, LLC, a strategic advisory firm, and CEO of Medonomics, Inc., a nonprofit health research organization dedicated to improving health care value and decision making. Kip draws upon over 30 years of experience, including roles as a senior advisor to the administrator at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS); Wisconsin State Medicaid Director, state health officer, and state health agency administrator for Wisconsin; a senior Medicare budget officer at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB); and director of influential nationwide initiatives on health care purchasing, value-based payment, and state-based health reform. 

Kip’s key skills include:

  • Providing a national perspective on consulting engagements
  • Delivering testimony on regulatory and policy issues
  • Negotiation of health legislation, regulations, and waivers with CMS
  • Providing expert consultation to various types of organizations
  • Analyzing and documenting complex policy issues as they relate to vulnerable populations with a focus on health care reform and federal legislation. 

Alison Gray

Alison Gray of Pear Associates assists HPM with editing and developing content for a variety of Medicaid managed care projects. Alison’s expertise is in grant writing, strategic planning and marketing to nonprofit organizations and government entities. Alison has more than 25 years of demonstrated experience planning, implementing, and expanding evidence-based public health and education programs, holding leadership roles within the health care provider and nonprofit sector.

Alison’s key skills include: 

  • Proposal writing
  • Editing
  • Project management
  • Strategy for non-profits.